Kasey & David Williams

“We were fortunate to be introduced to Jarrad through his work. As a result, our initial impression was free from bias, having not been influenced by existing friendships, blood relations, or the opinions of others. We just went to a wedding. Following the wedding, the gallery had a picture of the two of us dancing that was immediately a favorite. It was also quite a surprise, because neither of us remembered the picture being taken, or even there being a photographer at the wedding. We both agreed though, that this is where his genius really lies.

A year later, when planning a wedding of our own, we filled out Jarrad’s preliminary questionnaire. One of the questions asked why we wanted Jarrad to photograph our event. The only sincere answer seemed, “because you took that picture of us,” and that’s exactly what we said. Jarrad captures real moments between people. His photos have genuineness and emotional credibility that is absent from the work of others who often repeat poses and themes. The result is that the collections are never carbon copies, but unique reflections of the people, events, and settings that he captures.

To characterize Jarrad as simply a photographer, however, would be to drastically undersell his abilities and efforts. At various times Jarrad helped to keep the wedding on schedule, provided a calming presence when needed, and made us feel like we had no responsibilities but to enjoy the wedding. He was prompt, neither rushed, nor behind. He was authoritative, neither stern, nor careless. In the end, he delivered a collection of pictures that impeccably captured our day, and the sentiment that pervaded it.

Wedding days go by so quickly that it often feels like you’re experiencing it for the first time through pictures. Working with Jarrad made it certain that whenever we choose to experience that day again, it will be just as compelling, and emotional as the day itself. ”

Catherine & Dr. James Black

“Having Jarrad as our photographer was one the best and easiest decisions we made in preparing and planning for our wedding. When I started the daunting task of choosing a photographer, I did what most people did and reached out to my friends and recent brides for recommendations. My sister was actually a bridesmaid in a wedding the Jarrad shot and commented on how great he was. I wasn’t sure how to differentiate photographers so I started asking questions like: Were they quick? (I really hate it when the picture sessions drag on. Let’s get to the party!) Were they easy to work with? (I really didn’t want a difficult personality to be around the day of the wedding). And were you happy with the pictures? (Did you get the “standard” stuff). I was so focused on quickness and ease that I wasn’t too concerned about beauty. THANKFULLY, we received WAY more than we expected in our photographer. After our first meeting with Jarrad we knew that we were in for a treat. Jarrad’s ability to capture such raw emotion and the love that you feel the day of your wedding is remarkable. He tells a story through beautiful pictures that you will cherish for your lifetime. As a bride who was primarily focused on the logistics of the day, I could not have been more grateful and appreciative to have Jarrad and his team capture not only the details of the weekend but our feelings for each other through images. We truly treasure each photograph. He is a true professional, putting great time and effort into assuring that everything you want is captured on film. We absolutely LOVE our photographs and would highly recommend Jarrad and his team.”

Stacie & Michael Thompson

“I came across the incredible work of Jarrad during my search for a wedding photographer. Every photo he took was exquisite and froze a special moment in time. I spent hours on his website and blog and was completely mesmerized by his work. My husband and I agreed that photography was the most important part of our wedding because we knew it was essentially the only part of the wedding that we could have forever, besides each other. The search was over as soon as we found Jarrad’s website and meeting with him. Working with Jarrad at all of our shoots was comparable to hanging out with your best pal while he’s got a camera in their hand. Jarrad will go to the end of the world for you and he spends the time with you to make sure you have exactly what you want. He keeps in close contact throughout the entire wedding planning process. He was by far the most helpful person on the day of my wedding (without being asked) by keeping the time line together and helping to keep my sanity in certain moments.”

Kate & Billy Leiva

“We can say with 100% confidence that our wedding would not have been as wonderful as it was without Jarrad. He has an incredible way of making you feel completely comfortable and at ease the entire time he’s there, capturing every single moment. Jarrad’s pictures are stunning – he made our wedding look like a fairy tale! I love going back to see at all the memories he preserved for us. Jarrad’s talent, easy going attitude, humor, and professionalism make him the perfect choice – we would choose him over and over again! (If only we could do our wedding over and over again – it was the best weekend of our lives!) Thank you Jarrad, for making our wedding amazing – we have zero regrets and wonderful memories thanks to you!”

Carolyn & Jay Haas Jr.

“Our wedding day was so special and because of Jarrad, we have pictures to cherish forever. He was so amazing to work with and went above and beyond to make sure everything we wanted captured was present in our pictures. Working with Jarrad is like having a best friend that happens to be an incredible photographer. Looking back I only have the most wonderful things to say and I would recommend him to anyone getting married. He is the perfect person to photograph your wedding and you can trust him to capture your most precious memories. Thank you Jarrad for everything and for making the most incredible day of our lives so beautiful through your pictures!”

Kristin & Jeff Gee

“The “perfect” wedding photographer was one of the top priorities for our wedding! It was so important to us (as I’m sure it is for most couples) for our wedding day and all of the details, from our emotions to the details of the reception, to be captured and preserved. Without a doubt, Jarrad exceeded our expectations! We were particularly thankful to get to know Jarrad during the engagement session; after seeing those photos, we knew we could trust him to capture “our day” perfectly. From the very beginning Jarrad made us feel so comfortable to be ourselves in front of the camera. What we especially appreciate about Jarrad’s work is how he made sure to get the shots that were important to us, but also used his artistic freedom to tell the entire story of our wedding day from start to finish. We couldn’t wish for more beautiful photos; truly, every single one is frameworthy! Not only did he fulfill our hopes of capturing our day, but he went above and beyond to really take care of us on our wedding day. Whenever people compliment our wedding photos, my husband is quick to tell them about how Jarrad made us feel famous that day! Needless to say, in our opinion Jarrad is “the perfect wedding photographer!”

Paige & Ryan Succop

“My husband and I absolutely loved Jarrad and his team! He made us feel comfortable and natural during our engagement session while also having a fun time. My wedding photos turned out just as I had always dreamed and we could not have been more pleased! Jarrad did such a great job that I recommended him to my sister for her wedding and he was just as amazing to her as well!”

Kinsey & Coley Sheehan

““Working with Jarrad provided us with assurance that every memory, and most importantly, emotion would be captured from our wedding day and engagement shoot. His documentary style beautifully chronicles each important person, setting, detail, and tradition from our wedding. We could not be more pleased with our collection.”

Nikki & Michael Ballard

““I would absolutely recommend Jarrad to future brides – after all, that’s how we found him in the first place! What better way to find a photographer than having THREE friends recommend the same one!? Jarrad’s work truly captures moments, and he has helped us preserve memories we will cherish for years to come.”

Ashley & Ethan Wing

“Choosing Jarrad was one of the easiest decisions in our wedding planning process. He put us instantly at ease, and was quickly able to visualize our ideas. With so many things to worry about on such a big day, it was a huge relief to have a professional and creative photographer focus all of his attention on capturing special memories. We couldn’t thank him enough!”