Past Student Reviews

“If you are thinking about having a one on one session with Jarrad, stop thinking and and just do it. It is seriously one of the best investments I have made for my photography. From workflow and editing, to scouting out locations and shooting, it’s all there, in a hands on experience like none other. Jarrad challenges you to think outside the box and his passion for photography is contagious. You will leave inspired and motivated to take your photography to the next level. Truth is, you will only regret it if you don’t do it.”
Chasity S.

“I learned more in one day with Jarrad than I did during an entire semester of photography classes in college! From cameras and lens, to lighting techniques, industry buzz words and post-shoot processing, Jarrad’s Photography Street School had it all. Plus, it was a great arena to network in and share questions, thoughts and ideas. I hope to attend another session again!”
Katy K.

“Photograpy Street School = AWESOMENESS!
You will learning so much about camera settings, shooting with flash, scouting locations and more.
If you are serious about learning more about photography, then Street School is the way to go.”
Craig H.

“You completely motivated me. I felt like great photography was something I would never achieve, but I have the confidence and motivation to go out there and make it happen. Over the last three years I have gone from a hobby to “pro” but this class gave me what I needed to take the photo’s to the next level.”
Jen H.

“Jarrad brings a bit of magic to photography. He’s an inspiring, entertaining teacher who truly loves what he does. With an intimate setting, inspiring words and a soundtrack to complete the atmosphere, it was more than a photography class. His style of teaching works for all levels and types of photographers. As one who is just starting out, I found that I learned more in one day than I have over the past six months.”
Krystle W.

“The best words to describe Jarrad Lister is HE IS THE KING!!! The greatest thing about Jarrad is he puts EVERYTHING aside to teach strangers how he does it all; from what he has in his bag, how he shoots, how he poses, and the final editing process which conclude to his master pieces. Photography Street School isnt like any other class or work shop a photographer can take~ It is everything and anything you have ever imagined and MORE!!! I have learned more about photography through JL’s PSS classes than any book, manual or class. Not only is JL an AMAZING photographer, he is a down to earth person which makes you enjoy the classes even more! So wether you are a beginner or a professional photographer PSS is DEFINATELY an AMAZING class & experience that you will NEVER forget!!!”
Angela T.

“Why read about it when you can see it and do it. Street School Rocks!”
Michelle P.

“Jarrad Lister is by far the most talented photographer I have ever had the opportunity to meet. The passion he has for photography is so amazing and he is extremely talented and gifted. It was awesome to be part of his class and listen to him share, teach and give so much of himself. I am excited and look forward to more classes.. Thanks Again……”
Carol S.

“The ability to apply the principals and styles learned during Jarrad’s class helped me tremendously. This will and has jump started my career in the best possible way. If you want the best you gotta be here!”
John O.

“Jarrad will show you how to take your photography to the next level. I have taken classes before but never had things explained as simply as he puts them, its like things just click then he takes you out to put in action. When you see the results it all makes since.”
Russell L.

“Jarrad has developed a “KISS” (keep it simple stupid) approach to teaching photographic techniques, that will help any photographer to immediately improve their photographic skills!”
Danny W.

“My dad and I signed up to take Photography Street School because we both have a passion for photography. We learned so much about how to shoot in manual instead of letting the camera decide for us. The information that we learned has already been put to use. We are so excited to continue to develop our photography skills. Jarrad really took the time to make sure we were on the “same page” with the professional photographers in the class. He answered any questions and took individual time to help navigate the camera settings on our cameras. He really knows his stuff and in my opinion is the BEST photographer out there!”
Ginny S.

“Jarrad Lister’s Photography Street School is amazing! Not only do you get to meet other aspiring photographers who you can network with, you also get a day full of practical information and tools to help you in your own work. Jarrad’s style of teaching is fun and non-intimidating, so even if you are a beginner in the photography world you will really benefit from this class. I have been reading and studying photography as much as possible (through magazines, books and the internet), but spending actual face time with someone and learning by example in person has made a world of difference for me. Things that haven’t “clicked” before suddenly do. In a business that is very competitive, it was so refreshing to find a wonderful photographer willing to share his talent. I look forward to signing up for a one on one workshop soon!”
Christy M.

“Street School is an opportunity for professionals, amateurs, AND beginners to learn and experience what it is like to reproduce “life” through the camera! Jarrad is a great photographer who is willing to share his knowledge (not secrets) to help you become a great photographer!”
Blake M.

“This was the most interesting and fun class I have ever taken. This is the best teacher to teach photography. I would take his class as many times as he offered. He covers so much important information and he makes it easy to understand. Makes you want to get out there and hustle and shoot nonstop. Plus, the connections I made attending that class is amazing as well. Nothing like being surrounded by other people who share your passion. The day flew by and not a minute was wasted. Lots of energy and excitement.”
Kimberly B.

“Jarrad Lister is an AMAZING and well known photographer, and for him to take his personal time to share his tips and resources with others is a blessing in itself! I have been blessed to have met Jarrad! I just got into photography and I want to have that same passion that Jarrad has!”
Shena S.

“Street School is like no other! It doesn’t just cover taking photographs, it goes from preparing for the shoot to processing the photographs and everything in between in a language that anyone can understand!”
Jeremy B.

“Years worth of knowledge and experience in 1 day … a must for those wishing to perfect their art”
Donnie C.

“Jarrad knows his stuff. He is an everyday guy that doesn’t use all of the fancy technical stuff. He will teach you how to make your photos amazing with simplistic teaching and demonstration.”
Brandi C.

“Jarrad gives quality, understandable tips that even the most amateur photographer can use and remember!”
Paula D.

“Street School has been the most effective class I’ve taken to improve my photography. I left with such a better understanding of how great pictures are taken, and only 1 week later I am seeing huge improvements in my photography!”
A.J.  D.

“Jarrad made me feel as though my photos “could work too!” His willingness for everyone to get a good shot was awesome. The class gave me confidence, just go out and “DO IT!!”
Austin B.

“I loved the class. Jarrad made it so easy to understand. Before I took the class I felt confused about the triangle of manual picture taking. I was an “auto” picture guy. But, no more, not after this class. I am so thankful that Jarrad came along and took the time to be a teacher and to show some of his techniques. Now I feel much more confident in my abilities. Also, I meet a lot of wonderful people, from amateurs like me to the more professional. Over all it was a great experience. I can’t wait till the next class, i’ll be bringing my wife and some friends.”
Michael W.

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