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From models, TV personalities, national publications and beautiful weddings, Jarrad has made a name for himself in the photography scene. So if you’re looking to take your photography to the next level, join Jarrad for a one on one mentorship to get an insight into his style and workflow. Whether you’re just getting into photography or trying to refine you own methods, One on One is tailored and designed to fit your specific needs. Jarrad will cover topics such as: camera settings, creative lighting techniques, efficient workflow, posing your clients, using flash, and Photoshop techniques. You will leave this workshop with a new passion and a ton of new information that will change the way you view photography. This class has been designed for working and aspiring photographers who are looking to take their photography, marketing and business skills to the next level. Each session is scheduled by you, for you, and will accommodate your level of skill.

We offer 3 different One on One Workshops: Click the pictures for more details..